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YGBS-500A Double-station Bending Testing Machine
  • YGBS-500A Double-station Bending Testing Machine

YGBS-500A Double-station Bending Testing Machine

This machine developed according to the national standard GB T 1499-2010, GB T 232-2010 and YB T 5126-2003 requirements It can bend rebar under HRB400, within φ40


YGBS-500A type a vertical double working station hydraulic bending testing machine adopts the combination technology of hydraulic loading and single chip microcomputer system , it is mainly used for the bending test for metal or nonmetal material or product manufacturability. It is composed of the test host, oil source (hydraulic power source), measurement and control system, test instruments of four parts.

YGBS-500A type bending testing machine meet the GB/T 232-99 metal material bending test requirements. Bending distance through the level of oil cylinder stroke control, which is very convenient.

Test force does not step all the test, the resolution is better than 1.5 N, test forces of relative error within ±1%, test range 1% - 100%.

The tester can be used in metallurgical construction quality inspection department, production enterprise deformed steel bar bending, can also be used for construction materials, steel welding point bending performance testing, which is the commonly used equipment for metallurgical enterprises, research institutes, quality inspection, construction, railway, transportation, colleges and universities and the non-ferrous metal industry material bending performance test and study.

Technical parameters

1. Round specimen max. Bending diameter:        Φ40mm

2. Flat specimen max. Bending thickness:            40mm

3. Bending angle range:                                       0~180°(Using displacement instead)

4. Displacement measurement resolution:            0.008

5. System max. Working pressure:                       31.5MPa

6. Roller specification:                                          Φ40*140

7. Bending diameter range:                                D=Φ6~Φ160(For the user to choose configuration )

8. Longitudinal bending max. Test force:             300KN

9. Vertical piston working distance:                     270mm

10. Double working station clamping rating pressure: 160KN*2

11. Double working station single piston distance: 200mm

12. Piston travelling speed:                                  V1=80mm/min

13. Piston return speed:                                       V2=160mm/min

14. Motor power :                                                  N=1.5KW

15. Working voltage :                                            380V/220V

16. Dimension                                                      1426*500*1850mm

17. Weight                                                           1020Kg


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