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GBC-60W Computer Control Deep Drawing Cups Testing Machine
  • GBC-60W Computer Control Deep Drawing Cups Testing Machine

GBC-60W Computer Control Deep Drawing Cups Testing Machine

It is the precise device used to test manufacturability of metal thin sheet and banded material

1.Device model and name
GBC-60W Computer control deep drawing cups testing machine

2.The application of the device
The machine adopts mechanical and electrical integration design, and it has concise and elegant appearance, it is the precise device used to test manufacturability of metal thin sheet and banded material, according to GB/T 4156-2007, it can inspect metal’s plastic deformation of metal’s thin sheet and banded in the testing, it also accords with in GB5125-85< Method for deep drawing cups testing of non-ferrous metals> for testing the characteristics of non-ferrous metal sheets.

3.The characteristics of device
3.1. The cupping testing machine adopts the new structure principle, it can achieve the rate of constant speed control.(At past, the force of cylinder oil source unable to realize the rate of constant speed control, the precision and accuracy of hydraulic sensor is much more lower)
3.2. Our company produced the new cupping testing machine, has changed the past oil source afterburner loaded servo motor constant speed, at the same time, we have changed the hydraulic sensor to wheel-spoke sensor, it improve the accuracy and precision of testing cupping values greatly.
3.3. We select high-precision grating measuring instrument to measure cupping value, so improves the controllability of the machine.
3.4. From the hardware configuration,or force transmission principle, it has been greatly improved than the original machine, configurate computer controlling, it realize perfection of the machine, it can also realize the result of report, storage, batch, curve plotting and so on.
3.5. The machine can do cupping test and the deep drawing cup test, the punch and mold easy and convenient to change;
3.6. This machine has a crack of plate automatic stop function;
3.7. This machine adopts servo loading control system, which can realize constant rate for stamping sample loading;
3.8. Cup drawing value adopt encoder measurement with high precision, the highest resolution can reach 0.001 mm;
3.9. The machine adopts microcomputer control technology in the whole process and can be displayed real-time dynamic clamping load value, punching load value, cup drawing, test speed and test curve;
3.10. The machine equipped measurement and control software which has strong data and graphics functions, can be printed out immediately the complete test reports and test curve;
3.11. The machine has a peak memory function, can automatically record max. test force and cupping value in the process ;
3.12. The machine operation panel is equipped with manual control valve, deep drawing cup test clamping pressure can be adjusted according to customer requirements, the factory default value is 10 kN;
3.13. This machine structure is compact, only have placed sample work area, the rest are all in the shell protection, operation safety.

4.Main technical parameters
4.1. Maximum test force:  60kN
4.2. Range of test force: 0.2kN~60kN
4.3. Test accuracy: ±1%
4.4. Speed of test: 2~100mm/min (under control of arbitrary rate and constant speed)
4.5. Thickness of Gripping specimen:  0.05~3mm ( High-precision sensor can realize ultra-thin sheet metal test)
4.6. Journey of cramping piston:  40mm
4.7. Resolution of cupping value:  0.01mm


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