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GBW-60B Computer Control Cupping Testing Machine
  • GBW-60B Computer Control Cupping Testing Machine

GBW-60B Computer Control Cupping Testing Machine

GBW-60B computer control cupping testing machine mainly for the test of the metal sheet and strip, according to the national standard GB T 4156-2007, it can test the plastic deformation properties of sheet metal and strip

1. Equipment Model and Name
GBW-60 Computer Control Cupping Testing Machine

2. Equipment Introduction
The machine adopts mechanical and electrical integration design, and it has concise and elegant appearance, it is the precise device used to test manufacturability of metal thin sheet and banded material, according to GB/T 4156-2007,

3.Main Characteristics
3.1. The Cup penetration Testing Machine adopts a new structural principle, can achieve constant control of speed rate. (In the past, the energy of fuel tank can not achieve constant control of speed rate, hydraulic sensor’s precision and accuracy performance is also lower).
3.2. Our company has produced a new type of cupping testing machine, has already transformed the past oil source into permanent servo electric motor speed loading; at the same time, the hydraulic sensor has been replaced by dyadic sensor, has greatly enhanced the precision and accuracy of the penetration value.
3.3. the cup protrusion measurement instrument for the import of high-precision grating displacement sensor, the indication error accuracy within ≤ ± 0.02mm , thus improving the controllability and accuracy of the machine.
3.4. both from the hardware configuration and force transmission principl, it has been greatly improved than the original machine, equip the computer control, to achieve the perfect machine , it can achieve the results of the report, storage, batch, curve Drawing and so on.Cupping measuring instruments measure the grating, resulting in improved aircraft controllable.

4.The main technical parameters
4.1. The maximum test force:60kN
4.2. Test force range: 0.2kN~60KN
4.3. Force accuracy: ± 1%
4.4. Test accuracy: Cup value accuracy ± 0.02mm
4.5. Test speed:2~100mm/min (At any rate constant speed control)
4.6. Punch cup mold: φ20 ± 0.05
    Standard pad diameter: Φ33 ± 0.1mm
    Standard fixed die diameter: Φ27 ± 0.05mm
4.7. Max.width of sheet: 100mm
4.8. Clamping sample thickness:0.05~2mm (high-precision sensors, can achieve ultra-thin sheet testing)
4.9. Punch stroke:60mm
4.10. Clamping stroke:40mm
4.11. The maximum punch load:60kN
4.12. The maximum clamping load: 25kN
4.13. Cup resolution: 0.01mm
4.14.Hydraulic oil: No.46 hydraulic oil
4.15. Size: 700*360*1700mm
4.16. Power: 380V 50Hz 3Kw


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